New Beginnings!

Hello! I can’t imagine how many people’s first blog posts have the exact same title as this one, but I’m feeling super unoriginal at present. This post – more than anything – is to get you used to my writing style, prepare you for my unapologetic overuse of punctuation, and to give me a feel for typing something up that isn’t an essay or fan fiction.

I intend to use the WordPress platform to speak about everything I post on Twitter, just at a bit more length. This could be projects I’m working on, how I feel about current events, activism I’ve participated in, or about what films I’ve enjoyed recently. My posts are probably going to be more sporadic than scheduled because I am one of the least organised autistic people ever. Don’t get me wrong, I adore a nice bit of stationery and am fantastic at writing to-do lists; it’s just the actual doing that defeats me.

The specific ‘light bulb moment’ that led to me creating this blog was when I wanted to tell the #ActuallyAutistic community on Twitter about my participation in strategy panels for helping autistic adults in my local borough, and realised that it would take me a ridiculous amount of tweets to explain properly what that entailed. One of the things that came up in the first meeting was that my involvement in the community could lead to better feedback about new developments and ideas, instead of a tedious trial and error process which would hinder the progress of people in their day-to-day lives.

Well, hopefully this post (and this blog in general) is accessible as possible but if not, I am always welcome to constructive criticism, advice, ideas, and whatever else you the reader would like to throw at me!

…Do people usually sign these things off? That’s something I’ll do a bit of digging on. Take care, love Ashley!


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